About Amanda

I love good great food. Period. Food that is real. I cook with mostly organic ingredients (as much as possible). I rarely eat out, because I like knowing exactly what goes into my food. When I am cooking food, I am in control of everything. More than that, I love having food experiences. Tasting something for the first time and remembering the flavor and the experience of that moment for years. But the kicker is that in order to have that kind of a food experience, you must use real ingredients – which is another reason I buy organic food when possible. If I can’t pronounce an ingredient on the ingredients list, I don’t buy it. Period. The recipes on this blog are all created by me (unless otherwise noted). I am a vegetarian, but my husband is not. Therefore, the recipes on this blog often are vegetarian that can have a meat component to them – which is often what I do when I cook for my husband and I. I can add meat to his dish, but leave it out of mine! Feel free to use and adapt them to your needs and tastes! šŸ™‚

I just completed my Master of Music degree in Music Education with a research interest in sight-singing pedagogy. My husband and I have relocated to Ames where he is completing his degree in software engineering. I enjoy reading, food (vegetarian & sustainable), biking, tennis, and learning about different cultures.

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