I’m finally back – after what seemed like a week away from Micah! I also headed to St. Louis on Monday to pick up one of my sisters. She is staying here for a week – yay! We have some exciting things planned….stay tuned!

Last night I met up with blogger Lindsey from Candy to Carrots. She lives in Ames and was able to tell me more about the town, places to go, etc. Awesome! We met up at Cafe Diem for some tea and talk. 🙂 She also made some donut holes for me to take home. You can find her recipe here. These are so yummy, and I am definitely going to try to make these myself. Check these out:

Lindsey is vegan, so I was able to ask her some of my questions regarding veganism. I’ve been considering the option (health reasons), but do have some reservations about it. We shall see what happens. I may try it for a week, then evaluate. #1 thing I would miss: CHEESE!

My sister and I are off to do some thrift shopping (she is the BEST thrift shopper I’ve ever known!). I’ll be back later with a recipe! 🙂

Do you have any thoughts about veganism? Please share!

3 responses to “Veganism

  1. conradvisionquest

    do i have thoughts? boy do i! check out my blog for more:

    those donut holes look awesome! i’m heading over to candy to carrots now!


    • Amanda @ Organic Eats

      Thanks so much! I love the information you have on your blog – and you are now on my reading list! 🙂

  2. megan schmidgall

    I don’t do dairy and there’s some ok cheese options. ( I like the rice shredded ones), but I don’t think I could give up eggs.

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