We had a pretty relaxing day around here. My sister ended up not visiting, so I wasn’t stressed about the house apartment (I still need to get used to that) looking perfect – I’m pretty picky when it comes to having visitors. Micah and I went to Cornerstone Church this morning. This is the second time we attended (we also attended a couple weeks ago).

Success!!! We loved it – awesome worship experience. Micah and I connected very well with the speaker and he introduced himself to us. We even got connected to another couple with connections in Burlington – what a small world we live in! The first time we attended we really thought the church would be too big for us, but we just needed to give it another chance. I also saw some relatives of mine. Micah and I finally felt like we were making progress on the whole meeting new people. 🙂

We came home and I made lunch. Is it just me or do you also crave salads in the summertime? It’s something about the heat & humidity that makes me crave cool salads. I made a huge one – with some great lettuce from the Des Moines Farmers Market. I topped it with tomato (local), yellow pepper (local), mushrooms with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar – the best dressing in my opinion!

After lunch, we crashed. FYI: Sundays are mandatory nap days in our house! 🙂 Then, we packed up and planned to check out another coffee shop. Unfortunately they closed early because of the holiday weekend. But since Panera was right around the corner, we settled there. Here was my view. 😉

I have the BEST husband in the world!!! We had great conversation and LOTS of studying……

We got a sweet study bible for one of my graduation gifts and started digging this afternoon. Cornerstone is studying the book of Isaiah (one of my FAVORITE books of the Bible). This ESV Study Bible has really great commentary. Including one of my favorite Bible teachers……Dr. John Piper.

I started another Inductive Bible Study on the book of Isaiah. It’s amazing what you can learn in just reading a few verses of Scripture! And Micah and I were oh so thirsty!

Oh yes, back to Panera. I ordered an unpictured carrot walnut muffin and shared one of their new black cherry smoothies with Stonyfield yogurt. It was yumm-o! We were at Panera for a couple hours. We had great conversation. I know I’ve said this before, but investing in your marriage is PRICELESS!!!

We’ve been laying low the entire evening. Tomorrow we don’t have plans. Micah has studying to do for school, and I’m planning a bike ride, and who knows what else.

Leaving you with this thought: God is offended by religious ritual, however impressive, if it conceals an empty heart and a careless life.

Have a great night!

P.S. Tomorrow’s Post: Tour of the Apartment!!!


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