Some updates and a recipe.

So much change in a short amount of time! We are getting a little more settled into our very *cozy* apartment. We do have some great storage here – although the apartment is less than half the size of our house. Even since moving, I have gotten rid of even more *stuff* that we didn’t REALLY need. So, we’ll start with last Friday….

I graduated with my Master of Music degree!!! πŸ™‚ A few pictures:

My husband who was incredibly supportive of my education!

The BEST thesis advisor one could ask for!

A wonderful graduate advisor!

We stayed the night at my parent’s house on Friday night and headed out early Saturday morning. We unloaded the trailer in less than 1 hour!!! Then, my parent’s took us out to lunch and headed back home soon after. Saturday and Sunday we unpacked quite a bit, but we were pretty exhausted. We aren’t even near being unpacked – too many other logistical things that we needed to take care of early this week before Micah starts classes next week.

Monday I took a trip to the local food coop (Wheatsfield Coop). I was in love. I brought home some local produce – spinach, asparagus and rhubarb. I also picked up some organic apples, pears, bananas, and some other miscellaneous items to stock up my kitchen. I’ll definitely be shopping there more often. πŸ™‚ The local farmers market takes place Thursdays and Saturdays, so we all know where I will be tomorrow! Unfortunately, we got here a little too late to take part in the CSA – hopefully next year.

Today, I made a grilled veggie sandwich for lunch – and it was tasty, indeed! I sauteed mushrooms, a small red onion, and roasted red peppers. The rest was just like making a good old-fashioned grilled cheese (I used swiss cheese). I also put some fresh spinach on the sandwich. The sandwich was huge, and I only ate half. I sauteed enough vegetables to make at least one other sandwich – but I may also mix these in with some roasted asparagus tonight to go with our spaghetti.

Stay tuned! A tour of our *cozy* apartment coming soon! And…..I’m making rhubarb pie tonight!!!!!!!!! Have a great evening!


One response to “Some updates and a recipe.

  1. Congrat on Graduation for both of you. ummmm those things look so yummy.

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