Vegan Veggie Wrap

Craziness! I still can’t believe that at this time tomorrow, I will have turned in my master’s thesis. It has been a great journey for me, and I would say the most rewarding journey of my degree at WIU. Yes, it’s emotional. When you spend a good 8 months working on a research study, there is an emotional attachment (at least for me there is!). No worries – I’ll have some pictures up tomorrow.

During my normal Tuesday visit to Cafe Aroma, I ordered the vegan veggie wrap (I can’t remember the exact name on the menu). Oh my….pure bliss, I tell you! This wrap was amazing – refreshing after a warm day – it was SOOO hot in the office. I work in a building where there are NO windows. I repeat, NO windows in the entire building. Who in the world would have EVER done that? The next day I wore shorts and sure enough, the air was on and it was a FREEZER in the office. Back to the wrap….

The wrap had romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, red onions, and more. There was a vegan lime aioli sauce that was AMAZING too! I think the sauce made the wrap. It wasn’t drenched either – the perfect amount. As you can see, I also had a side of cucumber dill salad, and it was soooooo yummy and light. Complete the meal with iced tea.

When I was young, my dad grew tea leaves. Mmmmm. I love iced tea – but only UNsweetened. I cannot drink tea that is sweetened – probably because I never had it growing up.

What about you? Sweetened or unsweetened?


One response to “Vegan Veggie Wrap

  1. Those wraps look so good!!! Sweet tea is my all time favorite though 🙂 can’t stand unsweetened never have and never will YUCK!

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