Spicy Stir-Fry

Monday nights, I’ve been taking a class called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. It is a class that has absolutely changed my life. WOW! God truly has a heart for ALL the NATIONS. Why am I so often stuck in this little box called the USA, or Burlington, Iowa, etc. There are so many unreached people groups that unless someone from outside of their culture comes in, they will NEVER hear the Gospel. I could go on an on about the things I have learned. I’ve been praying and seeking what part God wants us to play in reaching all of the nations.

So…back to what I was originally thinking. I don’t often have time to make a big dinner on Monday nights, so I have to always cook with what I have on hand, and it has to be made quickly. This was perfect. I had tons of veggies on hand, so I made a stir-fry.

Into the mix:
Asparagus (I think this is quite possibly my favorite vegetable….no, I really can’t choose)
Red Pepper

I sauteed these with a bit of olive oil and s & p. Meanwhile, I cooked some rice noodles. These are NOT the healthiest thing, but to be honest…….I have never had rice noodles before, and just was curious to try them. I probably won’t buy them again, because of the lack of nutrients. However, I will say I’m not too impressed with Hy-Vee’s selection of asian-type noodles. I get bored with rice a lot. I usually make quinoa, but was in the mood for noodles. Oh well, one time won’t hurt too much, I hope. 🙂

I boiled the rice noodles for about 5-6 minutes, then drained. Great tip: Take kitchen scissors and cut the noodles after you drain them. This makes eating much easier!

I added this sauce to the veggies, and voila – dinner was ready! Micah loved it – yup, he added chicken (this time, he cooked it himself).

I’ll admit that I usually like to make my own sauce. I’m also not a very heavy sauce person. I like just enough to taste it, but I hate anything drenched in sauce (salads w/ dressing, pancakes w/ syrup, etc). However, I had a coupon for this a few months ago, and I ended up really liking it. I don’t use it often, but when it’s on sale, I go for it. Tonight I used the spicy, but I’ve also used the traditional stir-fry sauce. I’ll be sure to post a recipe of my own sauce soon!

Dinner for two (in about 15 minutes!):

Another tip: I only used about half of the vegetables that I had on hand. I went ahead and chopped all of them up, put them in a ziplock and now I have them for something else later in the week. So easy!

Funny….another blogger just mentioned this tip in her post tonight too. Great minds think alike!


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