Potato Bar

What a week! Keeping my eyes on the prize – done with grad school in just 6 weeks!!! And in 1 month I will have all of my requirements done (recital, thesis, comprehensive exams). After April, it will be smooth sailin’!

I made a quick batch of guacamole before dinner complete with lime tortilla chips (they are the best with guac!). It was so darn good, not gonna lie. You can find the recipe here.

I bought some red potatoes a while back that needed to be used, so we quickly boiled some and fixed them right up! You can prepare them any way you like. I put a touch of butter, spinach (I used an entire back of spinach and wilted it on the stove), goat cheese, and pepper on mine. Micah’s looked a little different – of course. I ate about half of what is pictured here, then ate the rest for lunch today.

My husband is so sweet. Later he decided I needed a toaster strudel for dessert (which I completely disagreed, but he already made it). And here is how he brought it to me (sorry for the blurry picture). 🙂


One response to “Potato Bar

  1. jane schmidgall

    I am enjoying your blog, Amanda. From one foodie to another…go girl!!

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