Spring break is officially gone. :(

I still can’t believe I will be graduating in just 8 short weeks. EEK! The next month is going to be pretty hectic, though. I have a conducting recital, finishing my thesis, defending my thesis and comprehensive exams. Luckily, I will be finished by the end of April! The past couple weeks of the semester should be a breeze compared to the next month. A few people have been curious about my thesis topic. Here it is:

Title: The Effect of Specific Strategies on the Sight-Singing Performance of High School Singers

A little bit about the study: I’m investigating if teaching strategies to high school singers has an effect on the their individual sight-singing performance. I have chosen schools in Iowa and Illinois, because the sight-singing requirements for all-state choirs are different. Iowa does not have requirements, and Illinois does. That’s it in a nutshell to non-music people. πŸ™‚ Of course, it’s actually a lot more detailed than that, but it would take waaaay too much time that I do not have to type all of it out. πŸ™‚

Now onto the big dinner!!!

The Montessori School of Lake Forest Annual Dinner/Gala

First of all, this was amazing. I had a great time with Danielle. It was definitely fun to get all dressed up and just be girls! πŸ™‚ AND…..I got my first pedicure ever. I’m hooked. Okay, so maybe not religiously, but I did enjoy myself and wouldn’t mind another one. πŸ˜‰
My footsies are on the bottom!

We first arrived at Independence Grove in Libertyville, Illinois to appetizers and a silent auction. I wanted to bid on a few things, but decided it was out of my budget. These people had crazy amounts of money they were willing to spend. It’s safe to say some of them spent over $10,000 just on auction items. I can’t imagine how many water units we could buy to provide clean drinking water around the world! More on that soon…..

Dinner was served at 8pm. The table settings were lovely. There was a cherry blossom theme that was present throughout the entire evening.

First course:
I do believe the salad was the BEST part of the meal. The summer roll was amazing – I need to attempt to make that myself! Maybe a later post??? We shall see….

Course 2:
I could not eat all of this. However, I really wanted to! The salmon and chicken were both cooked to perfection. Probably some of the best chicken I have ever had. The salmon was excellent as well. I do believe that my favorite part of this course was the rice. I ate about half of that – had to maintain control – but I think it totally made this course.

Course 3:

Every bit of this dessert was amazing. And that isn’t often the case with me, because I’m just not a dessert person. Sorry to all of you chocolate lovers out there. I do like my chocolate – but only the extremely dark and bitter kind. πŸ™‚

Oh, and one final part that I forgot. The wine. How could I forget? πŸ™‚ I had both the red and white and they were very good. Of course, I preferred the red over the white.

Overall, a very fun weekend!

I know this is a food blog, but to me serving the Lord comes first and foremost in my life. He is more important than ANYTHING else. Period. And I’m learning more and more through His Word about His heart. If you have time, watch this video. Warning: You may get emotional. I certainly did.

I have been learning recently that God has a heart for the orphan.
“Break my heart, Lord, for what breaks Yours”
God has been revealing Himself to me in mighty ways recently. It’s not about me – and I’ve been making it all about me. It has NOTHING to do with me at all.


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