Javier’s Mexican Restaurant

My spring break is coming to an end! 😦 It’s been a great week of preparation for our move. We have sold quite a bit of furniture, I’ve taken about 6 boxes to the Salvation Army, and I have started packing! So far – our office is pretty much completely packed – wahoo! Food this week was pretty simple. Nothing spectacular. Lots of spinach salads packed with veggies, some spinach and mushroom pizza, and green monsters galore! Can you tell I had an abundance of spinach that needed to be consumed? 😉

Currently, I’m in Chicago with one of my best friends from college. She works at a Montessori school, and they have a benefit tonight – and I’m going to be her date! Amazing food will be consumed, so stay tuned! Last night, we met up with another friend from college for some Mexican food. Javier’s was fantabulous! Warning: This food is totally unhealthy!!!!

First up: Confession: I did order a margarita. This was the smallest size they had, and I thought it was a bit much for me, to be honest. It was called granada pama – it was the pomegranate juice that sold me. The verdict: very good, but a little strong for my taste.

Next: Their chips were freshly made. Salsa was good and spicy! 🙂 And their guac was to. die. for. Mmmmmmmmm……. I had to control myself.

Dinner: I ordered 3 flautas (I know, totally unhealthy…boo). The dish was huge and I only ate about half. And what was up with all of the guac and sour cream on top of the flautas? I at the guac, but the sour cream got pushed to the side. I wish I could have ordered a half size. Oh well, it was pretty cheap anyway.

We didn’t order dessert. Instead, we went back to Danielle’s house, watched a movie and had girl talk and wine. The only thing missing was my husband! Only….he probably wouldn’t have enjoyed himself with a bunch of girls. Hehe! I do miss him a ton – I’ll see him in about 24 hours.

This morning we are meeting Danielle’s parents, whom I haven’t seen in FOREVER! Then, getting all dressed up for the benefit! I can’t wait – stay tuned!


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