Spinach Gnocchi

What a delightful day! Started out with amazing worship at our church this morning! Followed by a 2 hour(!) nap with Micah, a 3 mile run, and a yummy dinner!

This was my first attempt at making my own gnocchi. It wasn’t too bad, but I’ll definitely be perfecting this recipe. Because of that I’m not going to post the exact recipe. Here is what I used:

Baking Potatoes
Unbleached White Flour
Whole Wheat Flour

Micah said he liked the outcome, so that’s a good start! He often gets a little nervous about trying “different” foods. I don’t think of gnocchi as different, but he didn’t even know what it was!!! (REALLY?!?!?!) I topped the gnocchi with some mozzarella cheese and canned sauce from this summer that we got from one of my students. VERY YUMMY!!!!

To go with the gnocchi, I roasted some kale and asparagus. Very good, overall! Here are a few photos:

I ate about half the gnocchi pictured – it was very filling! By the way, most of the time, I serve my food on smaller plates. Maybe it’s a mind thing, but I don’t eat as much when I have a smaller plate to eat from! 🙂


One response to “Spinach Gnocchi

  1. Mmmm….looks delicious……simple and healthy

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