A new kind of chip!

Again, sorry for the lack of posting, but I had to put some serious work in this week at school. Micah got some great news this week – He got accepted into the software engineering program at Iowa State University!!! We are very excited, and this makes our move that much more real. I have been applying for teaching jobs, although it’s still pretty early so there aren’t many available yet.

Today, we had an appointment in Cedar Rapids at 7:30am. EEK! We left the house at 5am, since it snowed overnight – we wanted to make sure to get there on time in case the roads were bad. After the appointment, we headed to Kalona. We stopped at the Amish bulk food store – this is where I stock up on nuts, baking supplies, etc. Talk about cheap! We also stopped at a discount store. They stock non-perishable food items that are expired or don’t sell in the store. We stocked up!!! I got 2 large box full of foods – mostly organic, and only spent $31!!! I should have taken a picture – I promise that I will next time! Needless to say, I usually stope in about once a month. My most expensive food item was $2 (Seattle’s Best coffee) and I also picked up a food steamer pot for $3.50. Wahoo!!! Seriously – this trip is worth it!

I’ve been making lots of brussel sprouts and asparagus lately. And tonight, Kale Chips!!!

These are so good – and you can eat lots and not feel too incredibly guilty. 😉

Sorry for the horrible photo quality. Someone (who shall remain nameless – hehe!) messed with my camera settings, and I need to devote some time to getting it set back to my normal settings. Ahem…

1. Preheat oven to 350.
2. Take a large bunch of kale leaves and trim off any tough stems (save the stems to later make soup stock). Wash the leaves, shake off excess water, tear the leaves into “chip size” pieces.
3. Put leaves in a large bowl and brush with olive oil, s & p. You can also add herbs and spices of your choosing. Feel free to experiment!
4. Place prepared leaves in a single layer on a cookie sheet. They will wilt at first but then start to crisp up. The color of the kale leaves will darken from a bright green to a deeper green. I do carefully turn them with a spatula after about 10 minutes and usually bake them for a total of 20-30 minutes. I check them often at the 15 and 20 minute marks to make sure they do not burn.
5. I usually eat them right away, but you may also store them in an air tight container at room temperature.

Kale is an excellent source of calcium and along with the other plants that belong to the broccoli family is power-packed with phyto-chemicals that promote general good health plus being a terrific cancer “phyter”. I actually try to have so many fresh vegetables from this family on hand that I eat at least 1-2 servings from this power group daily (yep-daily!) as part of my efforts to increase my odds for long-term cancer survivorship. If you plan to always have kale available and you have the oven going for something else, it only takes a few minutes to prepare the kale chips according to this easy recipe to bake at the same time.


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