Tofu ideas – please share!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Last Friday, my uncle had an unexpected heart attack. So, on Sunday I drove my mother to Chicago to catch a flight to Tennessee. It’s been pretty intense! My uncle is doing better, considering that they didn’t expect him to live – when they found him is body temperature was 77 degrees. Pretty scary! Please continue to pray.

Today I stayed home. We currently have an additional 8” of snow on the ground – we already had 2-3”. The roads were 100% covered with snow/ice. It’s just not worth risking my life to drive.

Around 2pm, Micah and I decided to venture out to the grocery store. It was so empty!!! LOVED that part! 🙂 I’ve been starting to cook more with tofu, so I bought some extra firm tofu in hopes to use that later this week. I don’t eat much meat, and I am constantly needing to find more ways to meet my daily protein goals. I’m not great with that. I plan on making burrito bowls later this week – watch for that post! I am hoping to make these while Micah isn’t home, then when he gets home he can try it without knowing right away that it is tofu. He doesn’t like tofu – or so he claims, but he’s never eaten it when I’ve made it. 😛

I’m curious…
Do any of you cook with tofu? If so, does your significant other eat it too? Also, any recipe ideas? I’m going attempt to post more tofu recipes on here.


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