Tonight, I’m at home by myself. Micah is at work and my mother is visiting my sister. So, it was a good night to cook some good ol’ box mac and cheese. Not just your traditional box mac and cheese, but ARTHUR!!!!!

I love Annie’s mac and cheese – great product and a much better choice than Kraft! 🙂

I also roasted asparagus in the oven. I cut the asparagus, then drizzled a bit of olive oil, s & p, and roasted in the oven at 400 for about 10-15 min (with a turn about halfway).

The picture below is about 3 servings. I just put it in a big bowl so I can reheat for tomorrow. No sense in washing more dishes!!! 😛

Here’s the thing about my cooking – I don’t follow a “recipe” as you all may have realized. I cook to taste. I will try to do better at giving exact measurements, but I don’t use them in my cooking. I use a pinch here and a dash there. 🙂


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