Overeating…..on brussel sprouts?!?!

So I had a craving tonight for brussel sprouts. Yes, I ventured out of my house just to go to the store….and did I get lucky!!! Hy-Vee had HUGE brussel sprouts. These babies were like mini heads of cabbage…seriously (Erin – every time I write that, I think of Dr. Cangro. He likes to make fun of me for that!). I cut them in half, and lightly coated them with some olive oil and s & p. Roast them at 375 for 10 min, then turn, then 10 more minutes. I also had a bowl of Muir Glen organic tomato soup – excellent choice, I might add. The soup had chunks of tomatoes (which Iove), and the spices were not overbearing.

I took a picture (see below) with my computer of my plate, and realized…..am I overeating on brussel sprouts?!?! I was sooo hungry and ate every bit of what is pictured on my plate, but they were amazing. I try not to overeat…ever, but I tried to justify the situation. I mean, they are brussel sprouts, afterall. 🙂 Catch y’all later!


One response to “Overeating…..on brussel sprouts?!?!

  1. Haha! I overeat on brussel sprouts all the time. Sooooo good!

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