It all started yesterday…..

While I was taking my weekly Sunday afternoon nap, my husband went to the store to run a few errands. On his way to Wal-Mart, he saw a mother with 2 young boys on Agency, still quite a ways away from Wal-Mart. He wasn’t going to turn around, but at the last moment he felt God telling him he should. He went and picked the mother up and she indeed was walking (almost a 2 mile walk) to Wal-Mart from her apartment with her boys, ages 7 & 3. He took them, and waited for them to get groceries and then brought them back to their apartment. Meanwhile, I was asleep, enjoying my nap. There is something to be said of this. Micah LISTENED to God’s call. And, it was out of his comfort zone. Micah is more of an introvert, yet he STILL listened! God gave him the courage he needed to stop and help this stranger(at the time). If this was me, I would have kept going on my merry way. Wow!

As he was talking with her, he told her about the BTown party on Monday night and said if she was interested in going to let him know. He called her today, and we picked her and her 2 boys up and took them to BTown. They thoroughly enjoyed it. I got the chance to talk with the mother about many different things. In many ways, she reminded me of my sister Rebekah.

After BTown, we knew they did not have much to eat, so we bought them some food and took them back home. I can’t even express the joy I felt in blessing someone that doesn’t have much. As we were talking, she expressed her interest in bringing up her boys in a church environment. She said they need to know about God. I told her about our various programs at our church, and she said she is very interested in coming. Her car does not work at the moment, but we told her that we would be happy to pick her up any time.

This experience was life-changing for me. Just this morning I was telling Micah about my spiritual struggles right now. Tonight, I feel as though I am a different person. I have been praying that God would use me, and I feel as though tonight He gave me the right words to speak to this woman. We had a connection tonight that I did not expect. It felt amazing to be used by God in this small way. God. Is. Amazing. Period.

Please pray for this family with me.

For His Glory and not mine,



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