So much to do, so little time. :(

Since the end of August, things at our house have been quite hectic to say the least. Micah and I are both in school right now. Of course, 2 weeks into school, I left to go to Phoenix, Arizona to perform with the Pheonix Symphony Orchestra. It was indeed a wonderful experience. I was in love with Arizona (I deal with heat much better than I do the cold!).

Since then, Micah has been looking for a part-time job to help out with our finances. Although I have an assistantship in grad school, it really does not pay much (however, free tuition is A LOT in my book!). Please pray with us as jobs are quite hard to come by around this area right now.

Also, we will be moving to Ames in May after I graduate. Micah will be studying software engineering at Iowa State University! He has a wonderful opportunity right now, and I could not be more excited as his wife! He is really enjoying school and has gotten off to a great start. Keep praying though – school gets stressful for the both of us. At times I am not the wife I should be. I need to be more patient and understanding.

I must get back to my research. As soon as I have the go ahead, I’ll post my thesis study. Until then, you all will just have to wait! Ah, the suspense!!!!


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