A Neglected Blog :(

Wow! So the start of the school year has sure taken a HUGE toll on this blog….not that I ever blogged a whole ton, but still. I leave for Phoenix at 4am on Tuesday morning!!!!!!!! So close. As it gets closer, I realize I am getting a little excited. I will miss my husband for the week, but it will be a great experience. A little about my trip….

The University Singers’ from Western Illinois University (which is where I’m getting my Masters of Music degree) is singing a John Adams piece called “On the Transmigration of Souls.” This piece is meant to be a memory space of the events that happened on 9/11. It will definitely be an incredible experience. We have lots of rehearsing to do and performances on Friday and Saturday. I can’t wait to give you LOTS of details when I return!

I will have an announcement about my thesis topic soon (I hope)!!!!! As I am meeting with my thesis advisor and talking with other people in the world of music education, my interests are becoming more defined, but I won’t give out the details until a little later. Here are my interests:

*Vocal Music
*Individual Sight-Singing

More to come later!


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