Late Post

And so the year begins. I’ve been at school since Friday and I already feel immersed in my “school” mode. HA! Here’s a recap of my pretty busy weekend:

Friday – Graduate Assistant meeting at school, followed by a lovely dinner date to Martini’s by my amazing husband!!!
Saturday – Cleaning in the morning. New student convocation performance in the afternoon/evening. I also went to a wine tasting in Macomb to kill some free time. I usually do not like super dry wine, but this one was amazing. Very smooth, a velvet taste. I was VERY tempted to buy 1 bottle. Maybe more than 1. 🙂 The night ended with a movie.
Sunday – Church, then University Singers’ retreat for the Phoenix, Arizona trip coming up in 2 WEEKS!!!! The retreat went better than expected and we sang very well. I was pleasantly surprised.

That brings us to today….the first day of classes. Ah…. Well, I didn’t really have any classes, but I did have GA duties – such as making sure auditions ran smoothly. I also spent time catching up with friends that I haven’t seen and meeting new people.

Here’s to a great academic year! Catch ya later gator!


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