Inductive Bible Study

After getting a new Bible for our anniversary, I began to do some research into different ways of marking a Bible. I came across Precept Ministries while researching and found information on an Inductive Bible Study. Wow! It was exactly what I was looking for. There are essentially 3 parts to an Inductive Bible Study.

1. Observation (prayer, asking questions, look for lists, contrasts/comparisons, marking key words/phrases, discover lessons for life, etc.)
2. Interpretation (seek the full counsel of the Word of God, understanding literary styles – historical, prophetic, biographical, etc., look for a single meaning of the passage, etc.)
3. Application (What does the passage teach, what is God’s instruction to me, etc.)

You can find more about Inductive Bible Studies here.

I’m currently working on an Ephesians study and am LOVING it. Getting into the Word needs to be a daily occurrence, but I cannot say I have been even close to doing that. Certain times of my life have been better than others. Reading the Word daily is a discipline that many people (including myself) struggle with. Our culture is so fast paced that there is always something going on! Micah and I are starting to get up earlier and doing our devotionals together (personal devotions, just at the same time). We hope to pass this discipline to our children.


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