A couple weeks ago we had a mini-family-reunion at my parent’s house. And I mean MINI-reunion. Those of you that know my family, know that we are rather large. Anyway, my sister Rebekah made a surprise visit from St. Louis and my grandmother and one uncle came to visit as well. It was so good to see everyone since we really hadn’t seen each other since Easter. I hope that when Micah and I have children and grandchildren, etc. that we live within driving distance. Most of my extended family lives on either the east coast or the west coast. Micah’s family on the other hand, lives in Burlington or across the river in Illinois. I guess it all depends on where God takes us.

My birthday (yesterday) was wonderful. Lunch with a friend (super pizza – Farmer’s Pizza from the Townhouse (veggie pizza) – it was AMAZING), then Micah took me to Huck’s Harbor (water park @ Fun City), and we had dinner at La Tavola – my FAVORITE Italian restaurant. I had eggplant and it was YUMMY! Leftovers were for lunch today.

I have just over a month before I head back to school. Let’s hope this month drags by! Here is a picture that was taken of Micah and I last weekend at the Southeast Iowa Symphony’s Symphonic Blast.

Micah & Amanda - July 11, 2009


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