Micah and I aren’t the tv/movie type of people. However, there’s a new thing in town called Redbox. You rent a movie for $1/night and they are all new releases. It’s not a video store, but more of a drive up movie dispenser. HA – that sounds funny! Well, every night this week we have watched a movie. Here’s a quick rundown:

Marley & Me – VERY good, but sad ending. Micah loved this one.
August Rush – Excellent movie, could have been a better ending.
Last Chance Harvey – Pretty good, romantic, bad ending – left open ended.
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button – Interesting story line. Long – almost 3 hours.
The Visitor – Great movie! Not too popular – I had never heard of it, but again, an open ended ending.


3 responses to “Movies

  1. Well, I´ve heard a lot about Marley & Me from my husband, but he said that I might cry, so… I´m not brave enough yet to watch it. But I´ve heard the story is beautiful and very sweet. I´ll leave it for later.. One day…
    I´ve also heard about August Rush, still didn´t watch it. But.. I think I have the dvd somewhere in the house. So… maybe tonight is the night?!
    The Curious Case of BB! I liked it! The story was very interesting! It was almoust like reading the book.
    The Visitor and Last Chance H. Hmm.. I shall check it out!
    Thanx for sharing! I´ve been searching for some good stuff to watch! 🙂

  2. Yes, The Curious Case of BB was very much like reading a book. I liked it a lot!

  3. 🙂 -Micah

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