Food & Family

Last night at about 10pm I decided to make a strawberry fruit pizza – of course with VERY DARK chocolate on top! Of course I DID NOT have a piece of this for breakfast this morning because I was way too excited to try it! Of course I waited until tonight to have a piece! Here is a picture of my finished creation:

Strawberry Fruit Pizza

Strawberry Fruit Pizza

Today Micah and I went to Fairfield to visit his brother Sam and nephew Preston (yes, I have 2 nephews named Preston – 1 on each side of the family!). We had TONS of fun. We went to the park, picked out a big semi truck at the store, picked strawberries, went to the lake, and MUCH more! Although we are unsure when our time will be to conceive/adopt children, we are grateful to have 4 nephews and 2 nieces to share our love with. Here is a picture of Preston with his dad, Sam. Sam is an AMAZING violinist. Here he is showing Preston how to hold the violin. Adorable! Preston is a VERY special boy!

Sam & Preston


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