Grammy Awards – Thoughts?

Did anyone watch the Grammy Awards on Sunday? I didn’t, but we did have a discussion in our choral methods class. It would be something cool for the students to incorporate the Grammy’s into your own curriculum. Maybe have your own Grammy’ Awards or have your own vote on the Friday before and then see how you come out. Anyway, we also discussed the outfit that Mia wore. I’m not familiar with this artist, but I did search online for the photos after the professor mentioned it in our class. There are many points to be brought up. First of all, the Grammy’s are on a Sunday night. Monday is usually a tough day for kids for many reasons: moving from one parent’s house to another, change in sleep schedule, change in eating schedule, etc. Add to that the drama of this year’s Grammy Awards. In regards to Mia’s outfit, here are some thought-provoking questions to think about:

1. What kind of picture does it paint for our students when they think of pregnancy?

2. What does this tell our students about how to be professional?

3. What does this show our students about being modest?

I could go on and on about this, but in today’s age, students look up to these celebrities (unfortunately). I don’t think many of these celebrities even think about the impact they will have on young people. We also had a discussion last week on Michael Phelps. I don’t want to drag this out, but as an educator how can we get the right message out to our students? It has become a very difficult job.


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