So Close…

So…it started snowing today in Macomb…and Burlington had a little too! It didn’t amount to anything, but still.

I can’t wait until Thanksgiving break. I desperately need it! Wednesday night, I didn’t go to bed in preparation for a choral literature presentation. I would say the all-nighter was a success, because I received an A!!!! Until Thanksgiving break arrives (and probably for the duration of break), I will be spending quite a bit of time on my large research project for the semester. I’m researching the music of Palestrina and the papal choir in the 16th century and how to teach the correct historical aspects of the music using modern day choral conducting pedagogy. I’m very interested in this, because many choral music educators don’t take into consideration how this music was actually performed.

This weekend – church choir on Saturday (St. Al’s), church on Sunday (Harmony), and Lori’s bachelorette party (!!!) on Sunday afternoon/evening.

Next weekend – Lori’s wedding – AAAHHHH!

The following weekend – THANKSGIVING BREAK STARTS!!!!!!! WOO-HOO!!!!!!


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