Video & Update

Here is a video that was shown in church today. I’ve seen it before. It’s very true.

Stevenson update:

For those of you that don’t know, we are working things out. We are attending Christian marriage counseling. We are (for now) attending Harmony Bible Church and going to a family class. We are still members of St. Alphonsus and still consider ourselves to be Catholic. Today, Harmony had a communion service. I must say, it was strange coming from a Catholic church. The bread and cup are symbols, whereas in the Catholic church they are actually the body and blood. I do miss receiving the Eucharist every time I attend mass. However, I can’t receive communion until I go to confession, which I plan on doing this week. I think I will feel a lot of relief and joy after I go to confession. My burdens will be so much lighter. Yes, I have already asked for forgiveness, but unless you are Catholic, it’s hard to explain the whole process. I don’t want to get into a theological discussion, but these are just my thoughts.


One response to “Video & Update

  1. Amanda, I know that in your post, you did not want to get into a theological discussion about your beliefs, however, as Andrew and I have been praying for the two of you, something you have written is a stumbling block for me and I feel it is something I should mention to you as a sister in Christ. I don’t understand Catholicism very well and I won’t get into that, but I don’t get why, if you have asked for Micah’s forgiveness AND for God’s, would you need to ALSO go to the confessional. You won’t feel better until you tell the priest? Shouldn’t you feel better because you have asked the two most important people??? I don’t understand how telling your priest private issues that are between you, Micah, and God will make you feel better. Peace is from God, not humans. I’m sorry if this is annoying to you, and I’m not really saying what I mean, but I am really only trying to understand where you are coming from. I would love to learn what you believe as a Catholic because I know there are some major differences that we have. All in all, I am so happy to hear the two of you are making progress. I really feel like God is using the two of you right now, and He’s going to do good works in you.

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